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Ignite Your Business with Passion, Purpose & Profit

Slovenia June

Carol Evans, Press and Media

Upevel Your Business for Extraordinary Growth and build the life of your dreams


Are you ready to let go of the fear of setting big ambitious goals, release money blocks and visibility fears so you can build your empire, leave a legacy and make bigger consistent profits that are aligned with your passion and purpose?

Business Accelerator & Visibility Retreats, Slovenia. Planet Peacock

Do you want to bring your big beautiful dreams in to reality, but without the hustle and hassle, with more ease and flow?

Do you want to step in to the "next level self" - your true potential - that you know is in there, and really own your "zone of genius" and role as CEO of your business?

Do you want to ensure that every single step you take is in alignment with your "next level self", so it's not just easy, but truly exciting too?

If you're ready to take action, want fast results, I invite you to come and join me.

Our life-changing retreat, in the lap of luxury, will equip you to transform your life and your business and give you the essential tools you need for self-growth and business growth.


Give yourself permission to stop – just for four days – and focus on working ON your business not IN your business.  

Business & Visibility Retreat

  • Face to Face (yes! No Zoom here!!) Mastermind Workshop Sessions to create your  vision and build your roadmap to your next level success
  • My Eyes, my wisdom on your business 
  • Stunning Photos & Media Training from Award Winning Internationally Renowned Photographer to get you visible with confidence
  • Inspiration & Empowerment from being a part of a Mastermind of Like-Minded Ladies (max group size 14)
  • 3nts Luxurious Accommodation in a Superior Room with Balcony
  • Supreme Wining & Dining - Michelin Award
  • Relaxation, Rejuvenation - "Me Time

Here, you will step into a world where time goes by at a different pace. Slowly, calmly and in harmony with nature, so you can reconnect with your soul, your passions and purpose

Retreat & Breakthrough

An invaluable investment in you and your business 

Imagine... a few weeks from now...

  • You've absolutely crystal clear clarity on what you need to do to scale your business to the next level
  • You trust you're on the right path, because you now know precisely what you're working towards and were you're heading
  • You're confident, filled with excitement, taking action, feeling good, proud of your new up-levelled service offering
  • You're pushing your images out all over the place, getting seen, building awareness because you're proud of how awesome they look and totally inline with the up-levelled brand you are creating
  • You're working with your dream clients, customers, patients
  • You're working with ease and flexibility to suit yourself, taking days off as and when you desire, because you have the systems in place to keep your business running smoothly
  • You're energised, empowered and feel totally in flow with your purpose
  • You've got a fabulous small group of new best business buddies that keep encouraging, supporting and helping you stay accountable.


Clarity, inspiration and the tools you need to do things differently, to improve the profitability and longevity of your business and live the life you desire.






Retreat and Recharge

As the CEO of your business you’re the most valuable asset.

When you help others but put yourself last, you allow yourself to be distracted from your dreams and overwhelm stops you seeing what your next step should be.

Focus on your personal and business development without distractions during this unique travel experience.

You’ll be inspired to think bigger, be braver, make a difference in the world and create your roadmap for next-level success.

As part of a small, intimate group of women, you’ll be able to bounce around ideas, be inspired, and gain the advice and attention you need to make a change.

There’ll be time for reflection. Time to think about your needs. Time to be creative.

And time to become the businesswoman you really are


Unplug to Re-charge - Inspired by Nature

"Vila Planinka has redefined the meaning of luxury. It's not about technological innovations and expensive materials, but about the wealth of nature. Our aim is to make visitors familiar with the beauty of Jezersko, while also continuing the efforts of the local people to keep the valley unspoilt."


Immerse yourself in luxury, admire the breath-taking views and take the time to breathe in the invigorating mountain air at the sublime Vila Planinka resort, deep in the picturesque natural wonder of the Jezersko Valley.

With a healing energy that will harmonise mind, body and soul, the resort allows you to experience time at a slower pace.

Enjoy intentional time, space and togetherness with like-minded women.

Indulge in the finest cuisine - organic, locally-sourced gourmet food and wines that have been recognised and awarded  recently with the prestigious Michelin Award

And experience authentic, attentive service.

One visit to Vila Planinka and you'll never be the same again. 

Breakthrough Busienss Retreat, Planet Peacock, Vila Planinka Mountain View
Breakthrough Business Retreat, Slovenia, Vila Planinka, May 2021
Breakthrough Business Retreat, Planet Peacock, Vila Planinka Public Areas

An Oasis of Peace, Quiet & Nature in Abundance

A great night's sleep is pretty much guaranteed in the retreat’s ultra-comfortable and luxurious rooms.

Each room has its own unique character – just like you – and boasts magnificent views of the mountains and valley.


Breakthrough Business Retreat, Vila Planinka, Rooms
Breakthrough Business Retreat, Vila Planinka Rooms, Slovenia, Planet Peacock
Breakthrough Business Retreats Rooms, Vila Planinka, Planet Peacock

Re-Ignite Your Passion & Get Results

Here's a sample timetable of what you can expect when you join us for this life changing business retreat


Live zoom call so we can get to know each other and I can help you prepare and take you through the Photography and Branding Workbook (which you'll receive after reserving your place)

 Arrival Day 

Welcome Drink & Cookies

Mastermind Workshop  Ignite Your Vision, Strategy and Mindset

Personal Journalling Exercise (enjoy the view from your balcony!)

7.15pm Pre-Dinner Drinks & Session Review

Four Course Tasting Menu with Wine Pairing 
Get to know each other over a freshly prepared 3 course dinner.
Grab an early night and relax on your private balcony and journal your thoughts from the day's activities.

Day 2 & 3


Start the day with a great choice at breakfast - feel free to do your own thing here - take you time, linger - set your day up for success and luxury

Practical Workshop: Photography Portrait Demo & Media Training Session 

Have fun learning how you can take better quality selfies, or guide the person behind the lens when you're back home. We'll show you how to pose, light, frame and use props and have a lot of fun!

Strike a Pose Professional Photoshoot in Luxury Suite
Strike a pose and ooze fabulosity. Use the workbook to plan out what you need so we can capture beautiful top quality images that resonate with where your business is heading

One To One Business Mentoring Sessions
Your chance to get my eyes on your business and review your strategy, framework and plan

Wine Tasting Workshop with Sommelier Marko Koren 

This is your "re" time too - relax on your private balcony, walk or cycle to the lake

Day 2 Dinner
2 Course Evening Dinner

Day 3 Dinner

 Dress for Success! 7 Course Tasting Menu with Wine Pairing

Day 4


Start the day with a great choice at breakfast - feel free to do your own thing here - take you time, linger - set your day up for success and luxury

Mastermind Workshop: Making It Happen

 Follow - Up 

30 Minute 1:1 Review Via Zoom + Monthly Mastermind Session (x 3)

Is the retreat right for you?

Well, If...

  • you’re at a plateau in your business and want to play bigger but aren’t sure how, then the retreat is the perfect investment.
  • you have an existing business that you want to expand in a big way and soar to the next level
  • you've tried goal-setting in the past but it's not worked for you
  • you're ready to "show up", "stand out" and truly embody your role as "Queen" (aka CEO) of your hugely successful business
  • you recognise the need to get more strategic but know that it's the magical combination on mindset, strategy and accountability that gets results
  • you've avoided putting your photos "out there" or the ones you have simply don't match the quality of your new up-levelled business, but you know you need these to get visible, build awareness
  • If you love luxury, being deep in nature, exquisite cuisine, wines, travel and exploring new hidden gems 

You’ll receive the best support and resources to help you stop playing small, smash through your self-imposed glass ceiling and get the transformation you’re ready for.

By the end of the retreat, with the help of our expert media team, you’ll have a set of professional photographs to boost your confidence and propel your business forward.


A stunning location to feed your creativity and infuse you with inspiration to achieve your dreams


Expertise, action and support from like-minded ladies to set you on the path to success


Practical, transformational workshops, one-to-ones, activities, quality branded media & an unforgettable experience

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What’s Included:

  • 3 Nights Luxurious Single Occupancy Accommodation in a Superior Room with Balcony 
  • Welcome Refreshments 
  • Light Lunches 
  • Four Course Tasting Menu with Wine Pairing 1st Evening
  • 2 Course Dinner 2nd Evening
  • 7 Course Tasting Menu with Wine Tasting
  • Wine Tasting Journey with Sommelier Marko Koren
  • Personal Branded Photoshoot  + Selected Retreat Images  by Internationally Renowned Award Winning Photographer Tim Max Hetherington
  • Transformational Mastermind Workshops  with Business Leader,  Entrepreneur & Coach, Carol Evans
  • Media Training
  • Pre & Post Retreat Zoom Sessions
  • Comprehensive Resource Guide, Workbooks & Checklists
  • Goody Bag
  • Unlimited Access To Infrared Sauna and Bikes (extra charge for e-bike hire) 

What's Not Included

  • Night Hike Under The Stars with Mountain Guide and Outdoor Firepit Refreshment of Hot Tea and Biscuits, Mulled Wine or Sparkling Wine (availability subject to clear sky!)
  • Travel To Destination (Flights or Transfers)
  • Drinks (some drinks with meals are included)
  • Tips
  • Personal Travel & Medical Insurances

Are You Ready? Want a Place ?

Choose the package that suits you best

1) Luxury VIP Business & Visibility Retreat £3500

2) Premium VIP Business Mentoring, Retreat & Media Programme £5500
To include this Luxury VIP Business & Visibility Retreat in June, plus 2 additional photoshoot days at your choice of location (travel costs may apply) and 6 months one to one Business Mentoring Sessions ( 90 mins via zoom) 

Your Hosts

Carol Evans

Corporate Consultant & Business Mentor

Founder and CEO of Planet Peacock Business Success Club, Consultancy and Coaching, best selling author, motivational speaker and business growth strategist, Carol will work with you to master your business, mindset and strategy so you can accelerate growth and profitability in complete alignmentwith your values and vision for life.

Carol has worked in business all her life - managing budgets from a few thousand to multiple millions and teams of 1 to 100's. She's not just trained as a coach - it's her deep, hands on practical business experience and wisdom which will help you get the results you want.

Watch the short video below (filmed by Tim ) to find out more.

Tim Hetherington

Video Director & Photographer

Internationally renowned and multi-award-winning, Tim has many years of experience in creating photography and film for many of the world's biggest agencies and companies.

His work is creative, compelling and of the highest quality.  He knows how to get the shots that "sell" your brand... your story...and doesn't stop till he gets them.

Having worked with so many people, Tim knows just how intimidating people can feel in front of the lens and so he is also a master at making you feel completely at ease and making the shoot great fun.

Tim brings you a whole new level of quality and experience, to get you the right images and put yourself "out there" confidently, authentically and powerfully.

Carol Evans, Passion, Purpose, Profit Mentor, Business Consultant and Coach, Planet Peacock

People say the nicest things....

"Carol Evans is a highly knowledgeable business woman with years of experience. She is an inspiration, inspiring so many women in business everyday...

"Carol has taught me to always find a purpose in business, how to make my business profitable and shared many other great business tips for my small business..."

"Tim and Carol completely eased my nerves and made the day so much fun, they were understanding about my tension around being in front of the camera to begin with and quickly easily and professionally made me feel relaxed so Tim could take some really great photos. Nothing was too much effort..."

"Carol has been a joy to work with and has empowered me to move my business to the next level."

"Carol’s passion is clear but it doesn’t stop with her own business, she’s just as passionate about her client's businesses & their successes too."

"Tim is meticulous in his quest for incredible photos to make sure he got the best shots."

"...this is different to any other coach I have seen...you are talking about real life things... how to make a business...how to grow it..."

"Carol is incredibly supportive, encouraging and empowering. She goes massively over and above in her work."

"This is one of the best investments I have ever made, not only will the snaps explode my business, but I also had a day full of fun, laughter and feeling like a superstar. I can’t thank Carol and Tim enough for all of their time and 100% on point effort."

"...you made me realize that a business is something that also needs to be measured, tracked, projected and not something I can LET to develop by itself.."

"Thank you for opening my eyes and believing in me. Thank you for being there for all us women who need someone like you with all your expertise and most of all, your true experience."

"I was very tentative about moving my business forwards but Carol has made it all feel possible and helped me on my journey."

"Carol is a lovely, friendly and extremely professional lady. You will never be disappointed. You will only be inspired by her. She is just fantastic!"

"Carol has played a huge part in reigniting the passion I once had for both of my businesses. Carol was able to help me refocus & plan ahead with confidence & show me anything is achievable with the right strategy in place."

"...everything you do is really on the highest level and so valuable..."


and... here's a short video with a couple of more reviews that you might like to see

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