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"Embrace the limitless probabilities"

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Personally designed business mastery & success programmes 

If you're ready to unlock the true potential that exists in you and your business then embarking on a personally tailored business coaching and mentoring programme is your answer.

It's all about helping you develop the skills, tools, techniques, wisdom, mindset and confidence to take action create consistent results, so you can create impact, make a difference and get to live the life of your dreams.

It's all possible, but it becomes probable with the right action, support and guidance.

Take a look through the great range of options below and see which one feels right for you. Any doubts? Just hop on a call and let's chat

Business Mastery 1:1 

Tailored expert 1:1 business consultancy, coaching and mentoring programme that gets you the results you want and the skills you need in the quickest possible time

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Strategy Day

Breathe life in to all those wonderful ideas you have and create a strategy for success. 

Spend one day with me and we will build your roadmap that you can action to make it happen and get results

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Born For More Mastermind

The VIP Mastermind for 6 figure + business owners to develop leadership skills, structure their organisation, master their business, get visible and take their profits to the next level.

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Planet Peacock Club Membership

The VIP Club for ambitious women who want to level up, surround themselves with like-minded ladies, give back, join our cause and "Be a Voice For Change"

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Breakthrough VIP Day

Boost your business progress with this 1:1 day. Spend half a day working on your current greater challenge or opportunity. Then spend half a day with our award winning world class photographer updating your image library.

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Step back. Take time out. Relax, rejuvenate, re-energise and reconnect with your dreams, vision and purpose.

Create the roadmap for your next level success in inspiring luxurious locations

From one to four day options.

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Why is a coach important for your business?



You want to expand your business but not sure how to? 

You know something is not right in your business, but not sure what it is or how to tackle it? 

These are signs that you need a business coach and mentor to guide you and lead you in the right direction. 

Carol Evans, having worked in businesses all her life, helps you widen your vision, overcome your obstacles and achieve the dreams you have for your life. 

"You just have to have the right guidance to lead you in the right direction until you can do it yourself."