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Maximum Impact

V.I.P Business Consultancy and Coaching Programme

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Are you a fabulous business owner ready to step-up for ultimate success?


Your business is well established. You're trading well, but you know there's even greater opportunities for growth.

If expansion is pulling at your heart strings and you want to put yourself "out there" in a fresh vibrant magnetic "stand out from the crowd" kind of way plus make maximum return on your investment, then you need the Maximum Impact Business Consultancy and Coaching Programme 

Over a 6 month period we eliminate those pesky inefficiencies and errors that chip away at margins and effect your reputation (there's just so much more to life!)

We dig deep and identify under utilised resources that can be packaged profitably to satisfy the needs of even more happy customers. 

I make sure that you have all the business skills you need to be that incredible leader - stepping confidently in to your zone of genius, making oodles of profit to keep you in shoes, holidays and champagne, as well as being able to support those causes closest to your heart. 

We action a plan that gets you results whilst staying true to your passion and purpose.

New profits, vibrant media, satisfied staff and customers.

Ultimately a life and business to enjoy and be proud of

1 2 1 Consultancy and Coaching

6 Month programme to identify and remove obstacles to progress, profitably expand services, increase return on investment and improve business skills and business and life satisfaction

Promotional Media Revamp Package, Maximum Impact, Planet Peacock

Promotional Media Revamp

Communicate your fresh new vibrant message to your market by creating a top quality, affordable, effective video.

Quality appealing video content and contemporary headshots are absolute key to reaching your new and existing customers and promoting your products.

Excited & Ready for New Goals?

To crack on and start making progress, just follow the link below to book a free enquiry call with me now. I can't wait to chat with with you and help you realise your dreams

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How I help you

I come in to your organisation and work with you and your team to identify opportunities for profitable growth as well as the root cause of all problems causing inefficiencies, customer complaints and ultimately costing you money. 


This 6 month intensive Maximum Impact programme starts with a Business Review and a plan of action that considers: 

  • Company Structure, Organisational Chart, Reporting Lines, Key Accountabilities
  • Personnel – Job Roles, Descriptions, Contracts, Inductions, Training Needs, Appraisals, Development, Policies & Administration
  • Meetings Map – Purpose, Return on Investment, Audit
  • Identifying Obstacles – Costings, Money Inefficiencies & Leakages, Cashflow, Pricing
  • Organisational Culture & General Workplace Satisfaction, Enthusiasm, Ownership & Engagement
  • Vision for the Future – Goal Setting & Review
  • Sales & Marketing Review – Missed Opportunities, Return on Investment
  • Operating Standards, Processes & Quality Standards
  • Customer Service, Feedback, Testimonials, Case Studies
  • Your Personal Development – Coaching Needs, Leadership Skills, Mindset, Communication Skills, Time Management
  • Media - how to use it to get your new vibrant message across effectively

Ready for Action

Let's chat, so you can get started. First thing to do is to make sure that we are a great match and set a plan to action that gets you the results you want

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