Are you ready to take your business to the next level, but cringe at at the photos you have?

Do you hate being in front of the camera? Think you're totally un-photogenic?

You want your business to be seen as professional and to be able to charge what you're worth, but your images look outdated, boring and amateur?

We all know that it's a busy old noisy world out there. Loads of people vying to sell their products and services.So it's vital that you stand out and reflect the quality of what you offer.

The Up-Level & Get Visible Brand Photoshoots give you what you need: Solid business guidance that helps you define your business goals and branding along with the highest quality photography you get from working with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Whatever you need your images to achieve we ensure you get it - plus we guarantee that whilst you may not have enjoyed having your photo taken so far, you'll love the experience so much, you'll want to do it all over again as soon as it is over....

"Absolutely loved it from beginning to end… great fun yet super professional 😃"

Business Accelerator & Visibility Retreats, Slovenia. Planet Peacock
Business Accelerator & Visibility Retreats, Slovenia. Planet Peacock

Level Up & Get Visible

An invaluable investment in you and your business 

Strike a Pose - You're Gorgeous

Branded Photoshoot for Fabulous Females in Business

Here's what included:

  • Business Strategy & Branding Workbook 
  • Zoom Call - Business Alignment & Preparation
  • Pre-Shoot Preparation - Locations, Props, Poses, Wardrobe, Emotions - plus how to look and feel your best on shoot day
  • 6 hour shoot day
  • 30 Processed Images including 3 "super-edited" images
  • Goody bag - lots of fabulous items to help you on the day and remind you of your day once it's over 

Your investment from just £995

(50% payment on booking, 50% following image selection)

" got me really thinking about me and my brand plus gave me an uplifting feeling with excitement, banishing nerves..."
















What Can You Achieve in a 6 Hour Shoot?

In just 6 hours we can capture you in different locations with a recommended 3 wardrobe changes...

Depending on proximity, this allows you to show different sides of you - according to the needs of your business.

The options are endless - and we help you decide on what will work best for you and stay focussed on how this will help you achieve your business goals - and although the shoot is really great fun - totally empowering - this is the point after all.

"The shoot day was amazing in every way..."

How To Book

So, you're ready to go! Realise how much getting the right image will help you meet your business goals and give you the confidence to put yourselff "out there"

So, all you need do is click on the link below to book a quick and free enquiry call so we can discuss your ideas.

Alternatively drop me a text on 07533 927015 and we'll take it from there.

We can't wait to help you level up and get visible! 

"...The thing I never expected - or indeed experienced before...was the prep, attention to detail and way I was made to feel was second to none..."


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Breakthrough Busienss Retreat, Planet Peacock, Vila Planinka Mountain View
Breakthrough Business Retreat, Slovenia, Vila Planinka, May 2021
Breakthrough Business Retreat, Planet Peacock, Vila Planinka Public Areas

Just over a year ago, you'd struggle to find any images of me anywhere online - or even offline for that matter.

I'd got it in to my head that I was un-photogenic. I was shy and awkward in front of the camera.

I'd started a photography class and was horrified when a fellow student took an image of me - I looked absolutely ghastly! It re-iterated what I felt.

However, I knew if I wanted to achieve my business goals then I needed to get visible and get myself "out there'

So, I engaged the best photographer - one that I knew would not only do the best job but one that I also knew would make me feel as at ease as possible.

Although my first shoot was during first lockdown and I had to get changed in the glamour of a multi-storey car park! It was an experience to be remembered for sure. It also broke down my beliefs and proved otherwise - I can look good on camera - and what's more I'm no longer held back by this limiting belief.

I'm delighted to now work in partnership with my illustrious photographer so you too can benefit from his incredible talent and with my business head, ensure that the investment gets you the results you want.

Breakthrough Business Retreat, Vila Planinka, Rooms
Breakthrough Business Retreat, Vila Planinka Rooms, Slovenia, Planet Peacock
Breakthrough Business Retreats Rooms, Vila Planinka, Planet Peacock

"The shoot went above and beyond and I can't wait to do it all again..."

Your Photoshoot Team

Carol Evans

Corporate Consultant & Business Mentor

Founder of Planet Peacock Business Success Club, motivational speaker and million-pound growth strategist, Carol will work with you to get clear on your overall business goals and branding - so we can ensure that your images match where your business is heading.

She'll help you prepare everything you need in advance of the shoot including a carefully designed workbook that will help you to prioritise and make sure you look and feel your best on the day.

Tim Hetherington

Video Director & Photographer

Internationally renowned and multi-award-winning, Tim has years of experience in creating photography and film, for some of the world's biggest companies and agencies, which beautifully portray the story of each brand's values and mission. 

Incredibly creative, technically adept and a truly wonderful character, Tim will not only ensure you get images that totally delight you, he'll ensure you truly enjoy the whole process.

Carol Evans, Passion, Purpose, Profit Mentor, Business Consultant and Coach, Planet Peacock