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"...We need more women to stand out, stand up for what they believe in and talk about their success and dreams, so it becomes more commonplace..."


Power Women: Carol Evans of Planet Peacock Business Success Club On How To Successfully Navigate Work, Love and Life As A Powerful Woman
Planet Peacock, Why Fit in When You're Born To Stand Out? Carol Evans
Carol Evans, Business Coaching, Consultancy and Mentoring for Women In Business, Planet Peacock Business Success Club

Business Coaching, Consultancy & Mentoring for Women In Business

Your business has the very real possibility to totally transform your life. Make a difference and create real impact in the world.

But way too often it just feels like it's work work work and one challenge after another. 

You want to expand but you're not sure how to do it, and, whilst you love what you do, you want to be able to enjoy a little more quality time away from it - so you can pursue the life you really want to live.

Planet Peacock is all about levelling up. Making profit by following your passion and purpose, but doing so in alignment with your values and with ease and flow.

Planet Peacock Business Success Club Membership

The VIP Club for ambitious women who want to level up, surround themselves with like-minded ladies, give back, join our cause and "Be a Voice For Change" 

Planet Peacock Club

Born For More Mastermind

The VIP Mastermind for 6 figure + business owners to develop leadership skills, structure their organisation, master their business, get visible and take their profits to the next level 

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Business Mastery 1:1 Coaching Programme

Tailored expert 1:1 business consultancy, coaching and mentoring programme that gets you the results you want and the skills you need in the quickest possible time

Business Mastery

Strategy Day

Breathe life in to all those wonderful ideas you have and create a strategy for success. 

Spend one day with me and we will build your roadmap that you can action to make it happen and get results

Strategy Day

Breakthrough VIP Day

Boost your business progress with this 1:1 day. Spend half a day working on your current greater challenge or opportunity. Then spend half a day with our award winning world class photographer updating your image library

Business Breakthrough


Step back. Take time out. Relax, rejuvenate, re-energise and reconnect with your dreams, vision and purpose.

Create the roadmap for your next level success in inspiring luxurious locations

From one to four day options


Strike A Pose Photoshoots

Raise your profile. Stand out get noticed and make sales. Multi award winning world class photographer & expert business guidance.

Free Strategy & Brand Workbook & resources 

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Business Videos

Creative, compelling, professional business videos. Convey your message succinctly, stand out from competitors, improve conversion rate and return on investment.

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Less is always available. Why settle for it now? Carol Evans, Planet Peacock Business Success Club

Hi! I'm Carol Evans

Best-selling author, speaker and business success mentor, teasingly known as the Queen of Passion, Purpose and Profit!

I'm on a mission to create way more business success in the world, because I feel it will make the difference we need - and let's face it, we can't seem to rely on our world leaders to do it! 

I see way too many businesses struggling unnecessarily, taking the wrong action or even worse, put off taking any!

I've worked in business all of my life. I've mastered all elements of business and set up, developed and ran a number of my own, so I know what it's like to face the challenges, the doubts, confusion, fears and set-backs.

But I also know what it takes to succeed and this is how I want to help you. I have no doubt that at least one of my programmes will help you make the changes you need to make and take your business to the next level and beyond.

Why not book a free enquiry call and let's have a chat and see where we can take your business and enable you to live the life you want to live?

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Let's Connect & Work Together To Create The Most Awesome Life

The very first thing we cover when we start working together, is what you want from life. 

Then we create the vision for your business. The strategy, framework, mission and of course the roadmap that will get you there.

We look at the obstacles - including those mindset monkeys that just want to do all they can to keep you safe - and playing small of course, and we create solutions.

You're not born to fit in. You're born to stand out, create impact, leave a legacy.

Whatever size business you want to create I can help you design it with ease and flow.

Less is always available. Don't settle for it now.

Book call and let's chat. You've nothing to lose but loads to gain.


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Why Planet Peacock?

I'm always being asked about why I decided to call this business Planet Peacock, and, there's good reason of course...

Each of the "feathers" in my logo represents a different aspect to a woman's life: The wife, mother, sister, daughter, business owner, friend, cook, chauffeur, teacher, soulmate, student, leader, marketer, accountant, etc etc.

Each of us completely different, but there we are in the centre. Neatly balanced and at one. Our life based on unique values, purpose, passions and desires.

Then, see how all that we are is reflected out in to the world (our planet)

Peacocks are also stunningly beautiful and they can't help but stand out.

Now the Planet. Well that represents the world we live in. The one where we all exist together, as one. All equal. No-one above us, no-one below us. All with a different job to do.

Together we make the world a better place. 

Together we make things happen.