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Hey there!

I'm Carol.

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... and I'm on a mission to create more business success in the world

Money on its own does absolutely nothing for me, but I know only too well how tough life can be without it. f you're looking to scale up your business - desire more money and more freedom then you're in the right place.

I'm on a mission to create more business success in the world.

I believe that it's business owners that will ultimately move the needle on the economy and not our world governments. 

I also believe that it's us gorgeous women that are absolutely key to this.

Over the last 3 years more businesses have been set up by women than by men, yet, staggeringly, 95% never reach 6 figures!

I know from my own business and life journey how difficult it can be to step up, stand out and take action, when our very conditioning is telling us to play small and fit in.

But.... if you have big ideas - for your life and business, this is the place to be

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"More Passion Purpose &  Profit"

If you want to fuel your whole life with a burning passion that connects to your inner soul, be driven by a purpose that stirs your heart, make more than enough profit to live life freely on your terms, and be surrounded by the most amazing entrepreneurs all committed and on the same journey as you, then this business success club is most definitely here for you 

Yes! I'm ready and raring to scale my business right now!

Step Up. Stand Out.

Specially curated programmes for every stage towards business success.

Business Coaching & Mentoring

Personally designed and tailored business programmes and services to help you overcome obstacles and unlock the potential in you and your business in order to create impact, make a difference and live the life of your dreams.

Business Coaching & Mentoring Services

Creative Services

Get your business noticed with compelling visual media. Stand out from competitors and give your prospective clients a reason to choose you. Professional photography and videos that get you sales. 

Business Photography & Videos

Business Retreats

Escape your busy day to day. Step back, take the time you need, nourish your senses, stir your creativity and reconnect with your inner soul to re-envision your next level business success. Exclusive business and visibility retreats in the most unique, beautiful and inspiring locations. 

Business & Visibility Retreats

Build a Business That Makes Money Consistently

Doing What You Love & What You Do Best

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"Carol set very clear goals, knew exactly what she wants to achieve, measured herself against them, which helped her achieve success in the business and evaluating her successes. "

Jenny Sayer

"Carol knows exactly what she's talking about. Totally understands you as a person and the obstacles you've been through. I can't thank her enough for this opportunity to join her workshop"

 Sharon Shaw

Step Up. Stand Out.

Ease your life. Create consistent profits. 


  • Monthly expert group business coaching and mentorship sessions live online to scale your business with ease and profitability
  • Unlimited free access to a growing library of workbooks, video trainings  and resources that are exactly what you need to succeed - and remember, what "success" is, is down to your definition - it's as individual as each one of us.
  • VIP community of ambitious powerful like-minded ladies to cheer you on, brainstorm with, empower and inspire - working on your own needn't leave you feeling alone
  • Accountability goal-setting and review sessions + an accountability buddy
  • Entry in to public online directory to raise your profile and sell your services to those who need what you have
  • Opportunity for live video / podcast interview "Why She Does What She Does" so you can get your message "out there", tell your story, raise your profile and reach your ideal clients
  • PR - be a visible part of our mission to "Be a Voice for Change" and encourage others to join our cause
  • Discounts Galore - on events, lunches, retreats, photoshoots, videos, media training, style days etc
  • "Friday Female Fizz" to celebrate success and network online and off + Coffee morning chats and networking to build our tribes
  • "Be A Voice for Change" & "Born For More" Icons for your website to drive home your desire and commitment to create more success and make a real difference with your business
  • Blog and newsletter contribution and feature opportunities
  • Awards! Earn points each time you set and achieve your goals and assist fellow members.
  • Annual Awards Ceremony - awards for Founder of the Year; Biggest Achiever; Greatest Contributor and more....



  • One to One Power Surge Hour Each Month with Carol Evans 



VIP Mastermind designed specifically for 6-figure+ business owners who want to level up their leadership skills, streamline their organisation, master their business, increase visibility, and boost profits. It's the perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and take your business to new heights!

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