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 Creating business success is a skill in its own right, and  not always quite as easy as it seems. Whilst so-called "gurus" may make it look that way, and promise "silver bullets" and overnight success, the reality is, more businesses struggle or fail than succeed.

But... it doesn't have to be this way.

It all comes down to getting really clear on what it is you want to achieve (and why!), deciding how you're going to get there and then taking consistent relevant action in the right direction at the right time.

The trouble is, when you become your own boss, there's no-one to hold you accountable. No superior to learn from and quite often no real clarity about the direction you want to go in!

So you just stay super busy. Going round and round in circles, feeling frustrated and worn out.

This private members club is your key to breaking free, transforming your business and getting the results you want in the smartest way


Ready To Double Your Money?

  • Charge what you're worth.
  • Build consistent profit.
  • Overcome obstacles

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Hey there!

I'm Carol Evans

Read my story¬† ‚ěĚ

Visionary Business Coach - Consultant -  Success Mentor - Motivational Speaker - Best-Selling Author - Freedom Seeker - Traveller - Retreat Host - Video Producer...

With a life-long, real hands-on experience in business, including working with companies worth tens of millions, speaking at prestigious venues like the House of Lords and invites to Downing Street, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you achieve outrageous success.

I'm on a mission to create more business success in the world, to stop the struggle, the feast and famine, and the conditioning that holds way too many of us back.

As a voice for change, I'm dedicated to empowering you to build the most outrageously successful life and business.

So please come and join me in the VIP Business Club for The Passion To Profit Accelerator - exclusively for next-level entrepreneurs, and together, let's make a difference.

"Less Is Always Available. Don't Settle For It Now"

Imagine what it would feel like to not only grow your business but also have more time for yourself. With our proven 3-stage process, one of our clients was able to double their revenue from £100k to £250k. And the best part? They now enjoy an extra day off each week! If you're ready to achieve similar results and reclaim more time for yourself, join us in the Passion To Profit Accelerator. Perfectly designed to help you unlock your full potential and create a thriving business that aligns with your values. Don't let fear or outdated beliefs hold you back. It's time to step into your power and create the success and freedom you deserve. Join us today and start your journey towards a profitable business and a more balanced life.

Now, let's dive deeper. The Passion to Profit Accelerator is all about empowering you to unleash your inner confidence and step into your true power. You'll discover a superpower within you that will have you fearlessly stepping up, taking action, and charging what you're worth. Get ready to embrace your worthiness and ignite a sense of excitement and joy in everything you do.

And here's the best part - you'll finally feel fulfilled and in total alignment with your heart and soul. No more conforming to what others are doing or following a path that doesn't resonate with you. The Passion to Profit Accelerator is all about helping you create your business your way, in complete authenticity. You'll tap into your unique genius and unleash your creativity, while being supported by a group of incredible, like-minded women who believe that "together we're better." So, if you're ready to make a real impact, experience unstoppable confidence, and create a business that aligns with your heart and soul, the Passion to Profit Accelerator is your ticket to success.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to join a community of fabulous women, like you, who are ready to make their mark on the world. For more details and to embark on this exciting journey, read on to choose the membership level that suits you best, or if you're not sure, why not book a call with me and have a quick chat about what will work best for you. You've got nothing to lose but absolutely everything to gain - all you need to get started on your path to fabulousness!

Now, let's dive into the different membership levels and find the perfect fit for you.

Step Up. Stand Out.

Choose Your Path to Fabulousness: Discover Your Perfect Membership Level


  • Monthly live¬†expert group business coaching and mentorship¬†
  • Accountability goal-setting and review sessions + an accountability buddy
  • Unlimited free access to a growing library of workbooks, video trainings ¬†and resources¬†
  • VIP community of ambitious powerful like-minded ladies¬†
  • Entry in to public online directory¬†
  • Opportunity for live video / podcast interview "Why She Does What She Does"¬†
  • PR - be a visible part of our mission to "Be a Voice for Change"¬†
  • Discounts Galore¬†
  • "Friday Fizz"¬†
  • "Be A Voice for Change" & "Born For More" Icons for your website¬†
  • Blog and newsletter contribution and feature opportunities
  • Gamification & Awards! Yes! We even award you for taking action & helping others¬†
  • Annual Awards Ceremony¬†



  • 2 x One to One Power Surge Hours Each Month with Visionary Business Coach, Carol Evans¬†
  • Weekly Goal-Check-In on WhatsApp



  • 1 x Two Hour Mastermind Session Each Month
  • 1 x One To One Accelerator Coaching Call Each Month with Visionary Business Coach, Carol Evans
  • 1 x Three Day Business Accelerator & Visibility Mastermind Retreat Annually
  • 2 x In-Person Mastermind Workshops & Mini Photoshoots

for 6-7 figure entrepreneurs



Overcoming Concerns: Embrace Flexibility, Value, and Support with The Passion To Profit Accelerator

I understand that you may be feeling overwhelmed and wondering how you can fit the Passion to Profit Accelerator Programme into your busy schedule. But rest assured it's all designed to be flexible and easily integrate into your existing routines. The content is bite-sized, and our incredible resource library allows you to access materials at your own pace, ensuring you make progress without feeling overwhelmed.

Even if you can't attend the live sessions, don't worry! They are all recorded and come with a text summary of the key points covered. However, I highly recommend attending live sessions as they are inspiring, empowering, and filled with positive energy.

I know that financial commitments can be a concern, especially in challenging times. But the value and returns you'll see from your investment will more than compensate for the initial outlay. You'll not only grow profitable revenue streams and learn better business strategies, but you'll also experience the long-term benefits of investing in yourself. I've created the most value-packed memberships that includes everything you need to achieve your goals and succeed.

I understand that setbacks and disappointments can make you fearful of embarking on another venture. However, rest assured that the Passion to Profit Accelerator Membership Programme is built on my years of hands-on experience in my own businesses and with clients. You'll receive the support and guidance you need, not just from me, but from an incredible peer group as well.

Let's address the lack of confidence that many of us experience. The self-doubt and imposter syndrome can hold us back, preventing us from reaching our full potential. But here's the exciting part: in the Passion to Profit Accelerator, you'll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are also ready to step out of their comfort zones and level up their lives and businesses. This community will be your safe place, where you can share your challenges, celebrate your wins, and receive unwavering support.

As you follow the proven plan and take small steps in the right direction, you'll witness an explosion of confidence, self-esteem, and personal growth

Get ready to unleash your true potential and soar to new heights!

Unlock Your Business's Full Potential:

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Creative Services

Get your business noticed with compelling visual media. Stand out from competitors and give your prospective clients a reason to choose you. Professional photography and videos that get you sales. 

Business Photography & Videos

Business Retreats

Escape your busy day to day. Step back, take the time you need, nourish your senses, stir your creativity and reconnect with your inner soul to re-envision your next level business success. Exclusive business and visibility retreats in the most unique, beautiful and inspiring locations. 

Business & Visibility Retreats


Ready To Double Your Money?

  • Charge what you're worth.
  • Build consistent profit.
  • Overcome obstacles

Grab my FREE mini training NOW and transform your money mindset without delay.

"Carol set very clear goals, knew exactly what she wants to achieve, measured herself against them, which helped her achieve success in the business and evaluating her successes. "

Jenny Sayer

"Carol knows exactly what she's talking about. Totally understands you as a person and the obstacles you've been through. I can't thank her enough for this opportunity to join her workshop"

 Sharon Shaw