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Unapologetically Me, Isle of Wight. 4 Day Business & Visibility Retreat for Female Entrepreneurs









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If we're going to change the world and live our best lives then we have to put an end, once and for all, to that  dreadful conditioning we have about money and how much we're worth RIGHT NOW!

You're just not going to get anywhere close to your most truest and highest potential until you can: 

  • Charge what you're worth.
  • Build consistent profit.
  • Overcome obstacles

Grab it NOW and transform your money mindset without delay.

Hey there!

I'm Carol.

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Best-Selling Author. Speaker. Business Success Mentor. 

The stats around business success horrify me, with up to 70% failing within 10 years. So I'm on a mission to create more business success in the world. Having worked, developed and ran businesses all my life, I know what it's like to face the challenges, the doubts and the set backs. 

But what I also know is what it takes to overcome all of these and how to attain business success. Let's work together, bring the change you need and elevate your business to the next level now.

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"Why fit in, when you're born to stand out?"


Business Coaching. Consultancy. Mentoring.


Want to expand your business, but not sure how to? Your business has the ability to transform your life! Planet Peacock is all about levelling up and making this happen. Creating more certainty, more money and a greater sense of ease, flow and satisfaction.Join us, make a difference and create an impact in the world.  


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Specially curated programmes for every stage towards business success.

Business Coaching & Mentoring

Personally designed and tailored business programmes and services to help you overcome obstacles and unlock the potential in you and your business in order to create impact, make a difference and live the life of your dreams.

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Get your business noticed with compelling visual media. Stand out from competitors and give your prospective clients a reason to choose you. Professional photography and videos that get you sales. 

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Business Retreats

Escape your busy day to day. Step back, take the time you need, nourish your senses, stir your creativity and reconnect with your inner soul to re-envision your next level business success. Exclusive business and visibility retreats in the most unique, beautiful and inspiring locations. 

Business & Visibility Retreats

Build a Business That Makes Money Consistently

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"Carol set very clear goals, knew exactly what she wants to achieve, measured herself against them, which helped her achieve success in the business and evaluating her successes. "

Jenny Sayer

"Carol knows exactly what she's talking about. Totally understands you as a person and the obstacles you've been through. I can't thank her enough for this opportunity to join her workshop"

 Sharon Shaw