Business Retreats

For those who love Luxury, Travel and New Experiences

What is a Business Retreat?

An opportunity to step back, take the time you need. Nourish your senses and stir your creativity. 

Inflame your passions with action. Join us for one of our life changing business retreats and re-charge your business and life. 

Upcoming Retreats

Unapologetically Me VIP Business Retreat, Slovenia

Our top level VIP business and visibility retreat for businesses who are looking to significantly expand their services, products and locations. 

Duration: 4 Days | Location: Slovenia | June 2023

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Unapologetically Me Business Retreat, Isle of Wight

Business and visibility retreat best suited for smaller businesses ready to expand to the next level.

Duration: 3 Days | Location: Isle of Wight | March 2023

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Forward After 50 Reinventing In Business Retreat

Business and visibility retreat best suited for smaller businesses ready to expand to the next level.

Duration: 5 Day | Location: Provence | September 2023

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Unapologetically Me Business Retreat Majorca

The perfect business and visibility retreat for businesses looking to expand their reach and offering in order to scale up and maximise the return on existing assets and resources. 

Duration: 4 Days | Location: Majorca | October 2023

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Unapologetically Me One Day Business Retreat, Worcestershire

Business and visibility retreat best suited for smaller businesses ready to expand to the next level.

Duration: 1 Day | Location: Worcestershire | December 2023

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"Happy to host you"

Carol Evans

The queen of 'Passion, Purpose and Profit'.

Having worked in business all her life - managing budgets from a few thousand to multiple millions and teams of 1 to 100's Carol is not just trained as a coach - it's her deep, hands on practical business experience and wisdom which will help you get the results you want.

Tim Max Hetherington

Multi-Award winning professional photographer.

Tim's work is creative, compelling and of the highest quality. He knows how to get the shots that sell your brand.. your story...and doesn't stop till he gets them.

"Happy to host you"

Tim Max Hetherington is a Video Director and Advertising Photographer.

Tim’s career began in multi-media and being sent around the world to film and photograph in factories, hospitals, hotels, banks, boardrooms and many other random places. All valuable experience as well as intensive training in capturing rare moments.

Advertising and Design clients followed and he has built a solid reputation shooting advertising and editorial campaigns, picking up awards along the way. 

Being diverse has been crucial to his success, able to shoot people, places, industry, cars, trucks and even luxury motor-yachts. 

“ I find having experience in contrasting creative environments a real boost for my work and I’m equally happy behind a stills or film camera”

Directing video was a natural progression, both commercially and for his personal documentary projects.

“I love following people’s stories, digital media is now so accessible I can create and shoot video for even the smallest business and they can get highly visible online like the big brands” 


Beautiful locations that feed your creativity and soul and infuse you with inspiration to achieve your dreams


Expertise, action and support from fabulous like-minded ladies helps you firmly align on your path to success


Practical transformational workshops, one to one's, activities, quality branded media & unforgettable experience

"The retreats have been extremely helpful and refreshing. Looking forward to attending more of Carol's business retreats"


"A much needed break..a turning point in my career, and an absolute eye opener."