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Exclusive Business and Visibility Retreat

Slovenia 13th - 16th June 2023

If you're a successful female entrepreneur bursting to reinvent your business and take it to a whole new level - THIS IS FOR YOU

Expert hosts, celebrity welcome & world class service. Retreat and re-ignite your business with Passion, Purpose & Profit


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Sipping a delicious specially selected local wine as you're enriched by the exciting and diverse organic ingredients that have been inspired by nature and lovingly created by your Michelin rated chef, the powerful expanse of the unspoiled alpine landscape, the tinkling sound of laughter and hum of high-vibing conversation

It's the end of an incredible day in this beautiful hidden gem, deep within the Slovenian countryside, you glance around and share a warm smile with your new best business-buddies-for-life,  your mind drifts away and you can already feel the gentle waves of sleep wash over you just thinking about stepping in to your bedroom, filled with the warmth of natural wood and furnishings, a real oasis of peace and tranquility.

You imagine waking up and watching the sun light up the mountains as you stretch and prepare for another day of transformation and you wonder how does life get any better...


Carol, I'm so interested, I'd love to book a chat with you

They say you're the average of the 6 people you spend most of your time with...

So, just imagine the effect of surrounding yourself with a small group of empowering successful business ladies, just like you, for 4 whole days?

This unique and visionary event  is not just a meeting of beautiful minds, but a place to brainstorm ideas, share wisdom, inspire and even kick-ass when required! In order that each beautiful soul gets to realise the truest potential that exists for them.

Right now the world needs more soothing feminine energy but armed with passion, purpose and profit so that more opportunities can be afforded to  others.

Lets work together to change the needle on the economy, uplevel and unleash with intention


Carol, This sounds perfect, I'd love to book in a chat to find out more

So, tell me, is this you...?

  • you're driven to fulfil your higher purpose in life, create impact and make the world a better place
  • you want to be known-for-something, leave a great legacy
  • you crave quality  "me-time" and the opportunity to dis-entangle from your normal day to day busy-ness, so you can truly re-connect with your own dreams and vision for life
  • you want to empower, inspire and help raise up other like-minded souls and "be a voice for change"
  • you want to step up, step out with clarity, confidence, power and fabulosity.
  • you want to connect, share ideas and experience new adventures


YES YES YES! I'd love to book a chat with you Carol to find out more

Here's your deal...


  • Face to Face Mastermind Workshop Sessions to create your next level vision and roadmap to  success
  • My Eyes, my wisdom on your business 
  • Photoshoot, Selfie Training & Photography Training Session from Award Winning Internationally Renowned Photographer 
  • Star Walk & Firepit Activity
  • Fun Wine-Tasting with Food-Pairing Workshop
  • Inspiration & Empowerment from being a part of a Mastermind of Like-Minded Ladies 
  • 3 nights luxurious accommodation in a superior room - first to book gets a free upgrade to a room with balcony (subject to availability)
  • Sumptuous Wining & Dining - Michelin Award
  • Relaxation, Rejuvenation - "Me Time
  • Cycle Hire, Saunas, Alpine Walks
Carol, Give me the details so I can sign up NOW!

Your Retreat Experience

At Villa Planinka you'll see first hand how getting back to nature and creating unique memorable experiences can drive business growth, profitability and customer satisfaction. 

The hotel is a business masterclass in its own right!

So we will be using every aspect to help you create your plans for your next level success.

Rather than spending hours in a boring conference room, we'll combine sitting around the table together with interactive activities that'll be fun and transformational.

We'll work together, share ideas, brainstorm, but also have plenty of time on your own. 

Our sessions will focus on developing the next level vision for your life and business and creating the roadmap that's going to get you there.

We're also going to help you get more visible, show up powerfully, confidently, ooze fabulosity and own your zone of genius. 

You'll get to go out in to the local landscape and learn how to capture a great image (hint: this will help you build the framework for your levelled-up business); you'll learn how to get the best selfies as well as pose for your own professional photoshoot.

You'll get the tools, tips and techniques to master your mindset and your business and we'll send all your negative and limiting thoughts up in smoke around the firepit.

And, before you pack your bags we'll celebrate your success in true style and sophistication with our empowering millionaire's cocktail party.

Oh I so need this! Let me register my place now!

Your Venue

Slovenia is the only country with LOVE in its name... bordered by Italy, Austria and Croatia this small country will overwhelm you with the beauty of its nature, food and the wonderful warm welcoming hospitality of its people. 

Villa Planinka in the Jezersko Valley is far away from the bustle of European cities yet only a 30 minute drive from the country's capital and airport at Ljublijana (well worth a visit before or after your retreat)

Here in this wonderful healing climate you'll find time goes by at a slower pace. This alpine hotel is built on 4 energy lines and commands staggering views of mountains and the valley. 

Everywhere your gaze takes you will fill you with a deep sense of calm and connection.

Oh I so need this! Let me register my place now!

At Villa Planinka you can savour delicious meals that are based on locally sourced organic ingredients. Sheep and cattle graze on the mountain pastures where the air is pure and the herbs and wild fruits are rich in flavour.

Magnesium rich spring water, locally pressed juices and biodynamic wines quench your thirst as you satisfy your palate with Michelin rated food and service.

Sit amongst the wildflowers and take in the fresh mountain air over breakfast. Return from your star walk and relax by the firepit.

Oh I so need this! Let me register my place now!

Each bedroom is unique and a tribute to the local heritage and nature with breathtaking views of the valley and nearby mountains. 

Be the first to book and your balcony can provide the perfect base for your to retreat to and the hotel saunas can offer the the deepest relaxation.

A short bicycle ride or walk away will find you at the pretty heart-shaped Lake Plansar, where we will visit together for at least on of our activities.

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So, is the retreat right for you?


Well, If...

  • your business is successful but you’re at a plateau and want to play bigger but aren’t sure how
  • you've tried vision and goal-setting in the past but it's not exactly worked well for you
  • you're ready to "show up", "stand out" and truly embody your role as "Queen" (aka CEO) of your hugely successful business
  • you recognise the need to get more strategic but know that it's the magical combination on mindset, strategy and accountability that gets results
  • you really want to make a difference and leave a great legacy, do something with much more meaning, but you're not 100% sure of what and how to do it
  • your photos don't currently match the quality of your new up-levelled business, and you know you need these to get visible, build awareness
  • You love new adventures, experiences, luxury, being deep in nature, exquisite cuisine, wines, travel and exploring new hidden gems 

 Then, this retreat would be perfect for you 

Register your place right now!

What is included:

  • 4 incredible inspiring, empowering and high-vibing days spent together, brainstorming and building plans for your next level success
  • Fun, interactive and practical activities that enhance your learning and experience
  •  Pre-retreat group zoom call & photo workbook
  • 3 nights luxurious single occupancy accommodation in a superior bedroom - free upgrade available to the first to book - subject to availability (room upgrades available at a supplement, subject to availability )
  • 3 Michelin rated breakfasts
  • 1 Michelin rated 4 course taster menu with wine pairing
  • 1 Michelin rated 3 course dinner
  • 1 Michelin rated 7 course taster menu with wine pairing (millionaire's cocktail party)
  • 3 lunches
  • Professional mini-photoshoot and 2 edited images (+ more available for purchase) + shots of you in action throughout the retreat
  • Professional Selfie Training Workshop
  • Landscape Photography Practical Tutorial
  • Workbooks & Goody Bags
  • Evening Star Walk & Tour Guide (subject to weather)
  • Bike Hire & Sauna access
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What's not included:

  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • Transportation to and from the airports, both home and away
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra hotel services, any taxis, additional trips, drinks and food not already mentioned.
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance
Oh I so need this! Let me register my place now!

"Happy to host you"

I know what it's like to have a dream. A compelling idea for a business that fills a gap you can see in the market. It's exciting but just so difficult to get clear on it and develop the necessary plans. It can seem so ambitious and far removed from where you are now.

But, I also know how getting away can give you the space you need to make it happen. How new adventures, experiences and people can inspire and empower us. How having our own space away from our normal daily influences can open us to all the new possibilities that exist for us.

Carol Evans is a Business Success Mentor and best selling author (teasingly known as The Queen of Passion, Purpose and Profit).
Presenting in the House of Lords, meetings on Downing Street, and luxury spa resorts have given Carol the tools to have a business career as an inspiring leader and now as a successful entrepreneur. She combines her business expertise, with her hospitality and wellness experience to provide Business and Visibility Retreats for female business owners around the world with Planet Peacock.

Carol Evans

Business Success Mentor, Coach & Queen of 'Passion, Purpose and Profit'.

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Tim Max Hetherington

Multi-Award winning world class professional photographer.


Tim Max Hetherington is a Video Director and Advertising Photographer.

Tim’s career began in multi-media and being sent around the world to film and photograph in factories, hospitals, hotels, banks, boardrooms and many other random places. All valuable experience as well as intensive training in capturing rare moments.

Advertising and Design clients followed and he has built a solid reputation shooting advertising and editorial campaigns, picking up awards along the way. 

Being diverse has been crucial to his success, able to shoot people, places, industry, cars, trucks and even luxury motor-yachts. 

“ I find having experience in contrasting creative environments a real boost for my work and I’m equally happy behind a stills or film camera”

Directing video was a natural progression, both commercially and for his personal documentary projects.

“I love following people’s stories, digital media is now so accessible I can create and shoot video for even the smallest business and they can get highly visible online like the big brands” 

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