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for Next Level 6 - 7 figure Visionary Fempreneurs

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Introducing the Ultimate Mastermind for Visionary Female Entrepreneurs


Are you a fearless, ambitious female entrepreneur with a burning desire to achieve significant business growth, make a powerful impact, and leave a lasting legacy? Then look no further than VELOCITY: the exclusive Mastermind of the Passion To Profit Accelerator.

Join a hand-picked group of movers, shakers, and women who refuse to settle. Together, we will unlock your fullest potential, accelerate your business growth, and make a real difference in the world by driving the economy and creating opportunities for others.

If you believe, like me, that we are stronger together and you want more than just a successful business - you want an extraordinary, fulfilling, and joyful life where you radiate fabulosity - then don't miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to join our pioneering mastermind.

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Here's what you can expect.


Monthly Mastermind
Each month we'll meet for 2 hours online. These sessions will focus on the needs of the group as well as providing the accountability that ensures you take the "big actions" at the right time in order to hit your goals and achieve your vision. 

Each member will take the "hot seat" as well as actively contribute in brainstorming and problem solving in an inspirational pro-active and non-competitive manner. 


One To One Coaching
Each month you'll receive a one hour one to one coaching session with me, where we can discuss your specific challenges and opportunities that will help you grow as a person - "be" the leader you desire to be, scale your business and ultimately achieve the joyful, fulfilling life you desire


Business & Visibility Retreat 

Each year we will meet for an inspiring in-person 2/3 day retreat where we'll focus on reconnecting with your vision for life and purpose and stepping up another level. There'll be lots of fun activities, delicious food and drink and of course professional photos and videos to ensure your media continually matches your next level.


Day Retreats
We'll meet twice a year for full day retreats. Where we'll analyse progress and re-set action plans in order to ensure progress and achievement of goals. Each retreat will feature an expert speaker and professional mini photoshoot to keep your image library refreshed and up to date


Exclusive Community 
There'll be a private and exclusive community group that will enable on-going discussion, feedback and support between o0ur sessions. 



Velocity Mastermind Cost


This programme consists of:

  • One 2 Hour Mastermind Session Each Month (online)
  • One 1 Hour One to One Coaching Session (zoom)
  • One 2/3 Day Annual Retreat including Accommodation, Meals, Mini Photoshoot, Activities & Workshops
  • Two 1 Day Retreats including Expert Speaker, Workshop & Mini Photoshoot
  • Exclusive Private Online Community

Cost £11,450

Or opt to pay monthly £945

Here's why I can help you! 


I've practically worked in business all of my adult life. From the ground up. Mastering almost all departments - marketing, sales, finance, operational, IT projects, building expansion and renovations, franchising, raising capital, training, business development, front of house, customer service, staffing, even cleaning the loos, pots and pans and the odd swimming pool!

I've been invited to Downing Street, spoke at the House of Lords, received ‚ā¨16m investment offer for my first business venture. I've succeeded and I've failed too.¬†

I want to see women really succeed in their businesses. I truly believe that we can make the world a better place in doing so.

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"I didn't realise how important professional photography was for your business. The impact that it can bring, is something that I was WOWed about!"

Sharon Shaw

"I love the live practice sessions included in the masterclass! Being able to put what I learned into practice right away was powerful."

Petra Shrew