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Business Re-Structure & Up-Level

Business Consultancy and Coaching Programme

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Do you have an established business that has reached a ceiling and are now looking to improve revenues, profits, efficiencies, effectiveness?

Your business may be turning over a profitable consistent revenue each month and you may be struggling to create a structure that will enable you to increase profitable revenues.

You may find that you have inefficiencies within your team or regular mistakes that keep occurring and you worry that your customer service may be slipping or your reputation being damaged.

Maybe you spend hours in management meetings each week, only to find that action points aren’t actioned and agreed changes are implemented but fail to last the course.

Do you have staff that have grown in to roles but now seem unsuitable following the growth of the company?

Is their a lack of accountability within your management team?

Is their a blame culture ?

These are all very common problems for companies to encounter once they have passed through their period of strong growth and become established.

1 2 1 Consultancy and Coaching

6 Month programme to identify and remove obstacles to progress, profitably expand services, increase return on investment and improve business skills and business and life satisfaction

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How I help you

I come in to your organisation and work with you and your team to identify opportunities for profitable growth as well as the root cause of all problems causing inefficiencies, customer complaints and ultimately costing you money. 


This 6 month Business Re-Alignment programme will commence with a Business Review and a plan of action may include;

  • Company Structure, Organisational Chart, Reporting Lines, Key Accountabilities
  • Personnel – Job Roles, Descriptions, Contracts, Inductions, Training Needs, Appraisals, Development, Policies & Administration
  • Meetings Map – Purpose, Return on Investment, Audit
  • Identifying Obstacles – Costings, Money Inefficiencies & Leakages, Cashflow, Pricing
  • Organisational Culture & General Workplace Satisfaction, Enthusiasm, Ownership & Engagement
  • Vision for the Future – Goal Setting & Review
  • Sales & Marketing Review – Missed Opportunities, Return on Investment
  • Operating Standards, Processes & Quality Standards
  • Customer Service, Feedback, Testimonials, Case Studies
  • Your Personal Development – Coaching Needs, Leadership Skills, Mindset, Communication Skills, Time Management

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