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Take Your Business to the Next Level & Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet

Unapologetically Me

 Business Masterclass 

Next Dates: December 1st 2022 & 17th January 2023, Crossbrook Farm, Worcestershire

Are you ready for business transformation?

Are you ready to change your life - turn your dreams in to goals, create the kind of solid success that has the power to seriously change your life?

Are you excited about your potential? Is your head full of ideas? Are you great and passionate about what you do?

Do you want to put an end to the doubts, insecurities, the limiting thoughts, the in-decision, the struggle and inconsistent results?

Are you fed up of going round and round in circles, giving away your precious time on one freebie after another? 

Do you want to create more certainty? Feel a real sense of fulfilment, joy and pride.

Work with kindness, fairness and make a difference.

Are you ready to get clear on what you really want from life AND, are you willing to put the work in to achieve it?

Are you ready to step up, stand out, get visible and create an impact?

Are you ready to unplug - just for a day and re-connect with your dreams 

Are you ready to be "Unapologetically Me?"


Unapologetically Me, One day Programme for Women in Business


“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

– Chinese proverb

This Business Masterclass is for you if you:

  • are committed to make a lot more money consistently
  • choose to work with more ease and flow... feel like the boss
  • haven't yet made the progress you wanted in your business
  • spent your life working on what you thought you "should" do, or what others wanted you to do - but you're now ready to do something for you & be "Unapologetically Me"
  • keep making excuses, letting the doubts, insecurities, fears and obstacles get in the way
  • want to follow your purpose and leave a legacy
  • want to "fall back in love" with your business - feel motivated, inspired and empowered
  • want to test out your ideas with a small group of like-minded ladies and get my eyes on your business
  • hate having your photo taken - you hide behind library shots
  • you like fun, high vibing and a little bit of luxury


Whether you're a first time business owner or a serial entrepreneur, if you have ideas to scale your business and are ready to break free from all that's holding you back, then let go of the daily grind and come an join me for one day that has the power to transform your life and business.

All in one stunning location

Welcome to Crossbrook Farm

Here you can leave all your day to day pressures behind and luxuriate in this beautiful peaceful rural retreat.

Although just minutes from the main motorway network (M5 J4/5 & M42 J1) this is the perfect oasis to let go and open yourself up to the new possibilities that are there for you.

This luxurious home is a truly unique blend of historic period features with sophisticated modern furnishings and as such offers the perfect oasis for creativity.

We have full exclusive use and will be utilising all of the lower floor and outdoors should the weather allow.

Come and join me


Your Business Masterclass

Walk away with your own 5 Step proven plan to elevate your business and discover...

  • How to get from where you are now to where you want to be
  • What's really been holding you back the entire time.
  • What to do if you want your business to thrive like never before. 
  • Strategies so you'll soar past your competition 
  • Your pathway to profits that comes with flow and ease

I'm going to help you build your mindset, create momentum and ignite your life with Passion, Purpose & Profit

  • Step away from day to day pressures to powerfully and practically re-connect with your dreams 
  • Develop unshakeable confidence
  • Transform limiting beliefs
  • Smash through obstacles
  • Create the most bold, exciting vision for your life
  • Build your roadmap for success
  • Show up confidently and powerfully with "on-brand" media
  • Inspire and empower fabulous females just like you and see just how much potential this awakens within you


Photography, Posing & Selfie Masterclass

If you're business is going to grow then you're going to need to get really comfortable with being truly visible, so come and find out

  • How to create images that get you sales and help you stand out from your competitors
  • What it takes to make an image great
  • How to strike a pose wherever you are and for whoever is behind the camera, whether a pro photographer, mate or even a selfie
  • the pro secrets that allow you to look the way you want to be seen and give you the confidence to put your photos "out there" consistently
  • How to use light to make your images "pop" and highlight your best features
  • How to create the best backdrop for your photos so the focus stays exactly where it needs to be 


  • Take a selfie and get some professional feedback
  • Strike a pose and take away your very own professional portrait you can use straight away to get out there and be seen in a powerful way


What are you waiting for?

Join this exclusive business masterclass and ignite your business with Passion, Purpose & Profit and build the life you'd love.

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