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Maximum Impact

The VIP Programme for well established businesses looking to re-invent, expand, maximise return on investment, create essential top quality media & achieve next level success.

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Up-level and Re-structure Business Consultancy and Coaching Programme, Planet Peacock

Up-Level & Re-Structure

A Re-alignment Programme for established businesses to improve profits, growth, customer and staff satisfaction

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Business Mastery, Business Consultancy and Coaching Programme, Planet Peacock

Business Mastery

Perfect for small business owners wanting to master business skills, be more strategic, improve profits, efficiencies, consistency and satisfaction

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I’m Carol – the Profitable Business Growth Expert.

I’ve worked in business virtually all my adult life and set up and run a number of my own businesses over the last 16 years.

I’m now a business consultant and coach, and my mission is to get business owners the results they want so they can live the lifestyle they choose.

My focus is on creating profitable revenue streams, streamlining costs, identifying and overcoming the root cause of the obstacles blocking progress and getting your business visible with fresh and vibrant media.

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